Our pledge to your pets:

  • We will care for all pets boarded here with kindness and will place their welfare above all business considerations.

  • We will provide security and safety for all our boarded pets by means of planned kennel design, good animal handling procedures, appropriate separation or companion sharing of animals, and by keeping all pet boarding areas free of all potential hazards.

  • We will maintain a sanitary environment for all boarded pets.

  • We will provide vigilant supervision over all boarded pets by competent, conscientious and trained personnel and will respond appropriately to any signs of distress or emergency.

  • We will provide clean water containers and fresh water daily to all boarded pets.

  • We will provide an adequate and healthy diet to all boarded pets.

  • We will seek immediate Veterinary assistance when necessary, the choice of Veterinarian being governed by kennel policy.

  • We require proof of valid Veterinary vaccinations for all boarders as a condition of entry to our kennels.

  • We will administer Veterinary prescribed medication in accordance with instructions.

  • We will take appropriate measures to control parasites within the kennel environment.

  • We will provide protection from the elements and from excessive exposure to the sun.

  • We will provide adequate ventilation to minimise possible exposure to harmful bacteria or viruses.

  • We will provide protected sleeping areas which are large enough to accommodate normal postural movements.

  • We will provide exercise opportunities in areas which are clean, safe and secure.







Our pledge to you:

  • We will deal honestly, fairly and respectfully with the public, and will put the welfare of your pets and service to our customers above personal gain.

  • We will honour our commitments to our clients, whether they are made in our advertising or in person, and will avoid inaccurate or misleading claims about the care which we provide.

  • We will strive to maintain and advance the professional competence of our staff by taking advantage of the educational opportunities available to us.

  • We will endeavour to resolve any disputes which might arise in a fair, amicable and professional manner.




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